A deep love of draftsmanship, craftsmanship and design underpin my art practice, which encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

I am fascinated by the language of art, and how it may be employed to convey meaning. Whilst my work is largely representational, I use the manipulation of visual language to overlay additional meanings.

I work in synthetic polymer because of its sculptural possibilities, whilst simultaneously allowing the full range of traditional techniques such as glazing. I have a love of this particular medium, and find it infinitely fascinating and satisfying. Experimentation and play has led to a lot of my techniques. Recent work has incorporated objects cast in paint, using a process developed by me, and one I continue to explore. The challenge of producing what appears to be a multimedia piece solely from paint satisfies me, and ensures archival properties.

In recording the natural world I adopt a rigorous scientific approach to assembling reference material, frequently travelling thousands of kilometres and working with researchers in biology and the environment. I am interested in the interface of art and science, and I endeavour to incorporate data into my pieces, providing my audience with an insight into the natural world that they have perhaps not experienced, conveying data or information about the subject.

I want my audiences to be able to experience the works from both an intimate distance, allowing them to find objects hidden and embedded in a painterly piece, and also from afar as a finished composition.

Detail, ā€˜Iā€™ - Affirmative